Untamed Angling, like they did with Tsimane and Marié River,applied their famous concept of partnering with Indian Communities and their Associations when they established a long term Project with Kayapó Tribes and their representative Indigenous Association - AFP – Protected Forest Association and FUNAI (National Indian Foundation). This project purpose is to create a sustainable way to develop new productive alternatives for their life while at the same time, protecting their land and culture and improving they life quality. Kendjam is an exclusive fishing project allowed and supported by Brazilian Government. Environmental Officials and FUNAI worked together with the Indian Association to create these very first official sport fishing

operations in Brazil located inside an Indigenous Territory. It is this unique and forward-thinking concept mirrors the business plan of Untamed Angling, who previously implemented the formula on their now world-renowned Tsimane Lodge in Bolivia and Marié River in Brazil. Their success and refined strategies have now duplicated and implemented by the Brazilian Government on the vast Kayapó land and Iriri river basin. With the implementation of this concept, it should guarantee not only a exclusive and world-class fishery well into the future, but the protection of a priceless rain forest, and amazing cultural adventure for visitors, as well.

Involving Local

Kendjam project was based on a long-term environmental and social project, which supports the Kayapó Indians of Iriri river in sustainable way to develop new productive alternatives for their life while at the same time, protecting their land and culture and improving they life quality. The local association (AFP) and the Kayapós are the managers of this project and participate in all aspects of this world class fishing venue.

Scientific Biological Research
and Wilderness Protection

We cooperate with government fisheries management officials and various other government agencies in developing research programs and collection of biological data to further understand the fishery and ecosystems. The data we secure will be used to ensure that our waters, the surrounding ecosystem and local people will maintain their vitality and be protected for generations.


We promote and practice sustainable operations through the use of renewable energy, proper waste treatment, recycling, and minimal environmental impact to reduce our footprint. Unlike other tourism enterprises, our destinations, purposely accommodates small groups of anglers in an effort to reduce environmental and social impact but keeping high value in each package.

World Class Catch &
Release Fishing

We work in a unique clear water environment, perhaps the last virgin river for several jungle species in Amazon. Our goal is to provide anglers the very best fishing experience in its class. We respect the magnificent jungle fish and share the same belief as our local partners. Protecting these waters will keep this fishery healthy for generations and will help local communities to move forward in a sustainable activity.

Legal authorities

We work very closely and cooperatively with government agencies and local native communities in securing and maintaining the proper permits and licenses. This guarantees the exclusive use and control of the Kendjam world-class fishery ensuring a sustainable and non-consumptive use of the resource.

First Class

Untamed Angling has designed a unique working platform for all its projects: a team formed by a professional and a native guide working together. The pro guide provides specific technical skills and the native guide intensive knowledge of the forest and the fish. The lodge is located in the heart of the reserve and is unique eco buildings with the exclusive service and attention.

Kendjam is located near the headwaters of the Irirí river, in one of the most hidden areas of Brazilian Amazon: the Mekragnoti Indigenous Territory.

This environment offers the first multi-variety Amazon fly fishing destination where an angler can target over ten different species in crystal clear fast waters. The river system runs over a huge granite base, which facilitates wet wading and many sight casting opportunities.
Untamed Angling discovered this incredible headwaters system and its tributaries, finding that this magnificent clear water system offered an angler’s nirvana for new species on the fly. Anglers can use five to eight weight rods and rely on many of trout/steelhead/salmon water reading skills and

fly-fishing techniques to catch several new jungle species from Peacock Bass to Payara, Pacu, Wolf fish and many more!
Kendjam is a remote and small indigenous community (15 Kayapo families live in Kendjam) right in the middle of most preserved Kayapo land and is located in the epicenter of the Kayapó Indigenous Nation: the Mekragnoti Indigenous Territory, an area of 5 million hectares of pure virgin Amazon forest. Only 700-Indian live in this enormous area, creating one of the most isolated portions of Tropical Jungle on earth.

Kendjam is located 550 miles southeast from Manaus and plane will land on the airstrip right in the Kendjam Indian Community. The Iriri River headwaters system inside the Mekragnoti Indigenous Territory (more than 700kms), never fished before by white people. The Iriri River begins its journey inside the jungle in the border of Mato Grosso and Para states, and run into the northeast side of the Brazilian Amazon for more than 1300kms. It’s a tributary of the mystic Xingu River. The dry season is the low crystal clear water season and runs from June to late October in the Iriri River Basin, and the perfect moment for the adventure angler meet the most intense jungle fishing experience.

“Kendjam is a hidden treasure protected from despoliation by the last guardians of the Amazon jungle: the Kayapó warriors”

Kendjam holds the most prolific multi-variety species fishery in the Amazon basin. In addition, most of the fishing is done via wet wading. While we use local boats to move within the different spots, the granite plateau through which the river runs allows the anglers

to wade safely and comfortably.The waters are impressively clear, as opposite of most rivers of amazon, which carry a lot of sediment. The granite base is what makes the water very clear even after some rain. The river downstream from Kendjam community startsto divide its course in many parallel branches creating several smaller fast clear water streams. This geographic phenomenon is created by its geologic structure makes the river flows faster and creates a perfect environment for wet wading. After

some kilometers, the channels join back together again creating the main river course. This situation is very common in many stretches of Iriri River and sets the stage for this awesome and unique fishing ground in the Amazon. Anglers can target various species using different angling techniques all in same run and pools. Imagine yourself in a clear water jungle river with many different options fornumbers of amazing and powerful Amazon species (many of them unknown to most anglers from around the globe).

Peacock Bass

Tucunaré - Cichla melanie.

This endemic species of peacock bass is only found in Xingu and Iriri River Basin.
Their average size around 4 to 9 pounds with some big fish up to 12lbs.
They are only species of peacock bass that prefer the moving water more than the dead water.
We can catch many fish per day. Most of the time we sight fish for them using streamers and poppers with a 6 or 7wt rod.
The peacock bass of the Iriri River are big, beautiful and act as great targets for anglers who love to sight fish and watch a hard, aggressive strike.

Wolf fish

Trairão - Hoplias aimara

They act like hungry wolves chasing a piece of meat when you cast a popper or a big fly, jumping and fighting hard.
We recommend a 8wt rod and floating line for them. In Kendjam we only sight fish for them!
If you like fishing for aggressive predators, it doesn't get much more exciting than watching a wolf fish attack a popper.
All their ferocity makes them fight hard, jump and never give up easily. They can reach 20+lbs in Kendjam.


We fly fish for 3 different species of Pacu in Kendjam: The Pacu Curupete, Pacu Seringa and Silver Pacu.
The mighty Pacu eats insect and anglers can fish them with dry and wet flies with trout sight fishing techniques in runs, flats and pools.
The are a jungle delight for trout anglers with a 4 or 5wt rod.
The Curupete Pacu (3-12lbs) is the perfect target, which also eats insect imitations and algae flies in the fast water of the rapids.


Cachorra Larga / Payara or Vampire Fish

The Payara is a real challenge at Kendjam.
Cast to early morning rolling schools or to fish in pools and flats chasing baitfish.
These fish fight really hard and jump a lot.
It's normal to lose these fish when they jump, due to their hard mouth.


Jatuarana - Brycon falcatus

The Matrincha is pound by pound one of the strongest fish in the jungle.
Their average size (2-8lbs) is perfect for 5wt/6wt rods with dry flies like hoppers, beetles and topwater attractors.
They run and jump like crazy. Be prepared to get your backing off.


Bicuda / Pike Characin

Boulengerella cuvieri

These are the real runners of Iriri river.
Their bodies and turbo boosted tails resemble a barracuda.
The are a really aggressive topwater predator and the most exciting way to catch them is using topwater flies like poppers and pole dancers.
The bicudas in Kendjam average size 4-10 pounds are the guarantee of pure adrenaline in your fishing day.
They prefer to chase their prey in slower runs, flats and pools.
A 7wt rod the perfect outfit for them.


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